Keep getting 503 error on website

Hi there! Every time I want to upload a picture in WP on my website (theme X) I get an ‘HTML-error’. It’s very frustrating as you probably can imagine. It has nothing to do with image type or size.

Also I often get 503 error: back end fetch failed.

How can this be fixed? Hope to hear soon.

You may want to start at basics first. For example, change theme to something else (use default WP theme) and try to upload images then. If no errors are displayed, it means the problem is in template, so just contact theme author for more assistance.

If error is still here, the issue is with your WP installation. I would start looking at error_log file(s) then.


There are multiple ways to find out where the issue come from. Here you have some of them:

  • Disable all plugins and then re-try to upload an image. See if this works. If yes, then re-activate the plugins one by one, but test if the media uploader works after activating each plugin. This way you can see if the problem is caused by a plugin.
  • Disable X Theme and enable a default WP Theme (twentyseventeen or twentysixteen). This way you can see if the problems comes from the theme.

If the problem are caused by the X theme (this means the media uploader works with a default theme); in this case you should reach the author of X Theme for bugfix support. You can do this here:

P.S: You can post here the results :slight_smile: