Karma Wordpress Theme

Hi :smile:
How long i have to wait for help with the Karma Wordpress Theme???
I opened a ticket for support help on Nov 20…Then somebody from TrueThemes Support was trying to help me with that problem on their Karma Wordpress Theme.But finally he couldn’t fix it…So he replay to me
-" I am going to escalate this to the development theme and have them investigate it to see if this is actually a bug scenario.You may expect a reply to this issue in 48-72 hours or less." That was on Nov 21…
Then no communication,no replay on my emails etc…Even the problem was NOT FIX IT!!!
Then on Nov.24 I tried to contact them again.So I opened a new ticket with the same problem…NO ANSWER!The problem is still on my template (Karma Wordpress Theme) Whats going on???
I guess the problem to fix it is not a big issue to them…
When I try create a new page.and I want to switch from visual to text…I JUST CAN’T!!!Why???
Could somebody from customer support who is responsible for Karma Wordpress Theme would help me??
Thank you