Kappe theme / compressing &combining css files

Hi people my first post,

This weekend I had a classic example of Murphy’s law. I was trying to compress css and js files because they were slowing down my website.
I made some backups before and halfway but for some reason they got corrupted. I can’t seem to repair them.

I’m on the Kappe theme and my responsive part of my blog post in the mobile browser got broken. I’m not sure which css file that is…

-I deactivated all plugins , deleted cache, checked it in my mobile and its still broken.

Bonus question.
My bullet point letters are grey instead of black. After this ‘‘https://wordpress.org/support/topic/blog-font-turned-grey-but-settings-say-black/#post-8551557’’ post I fixed that except for the bullet points.

Which info should I give you guys to figure out the problem?

I think I combined to many css files together and now the load order is wrong?

The blogpost are supposed to load under the logo &menu not next to it. I’m such a n00b sometimes.

In case of need:

Yeah i know but I wanna learn it myself. 2nd wpfix is great and its 39$, I also have my own indian guy for the hardest things.