Kallyas Wordpress Theme: Coming Soon

Has anyone found “written” online documentation for this theme? Along the lines of “BeTheme” or “Divi” or “Elementor”. (I inherited Kallyas from my client who’s looking for changes). I’m having a dickens of a time with Hogash Studio for assistance. They respond in a timely fashion, but merely point me to their Knowledge Base and FAQ, which at best I find, challenging. They’ve discontinued the online forum for discussion and I can’t seem to locate any info other than their (dated) video tutorials, once again, at least on my part, very challenging to follow and understand.

I’d appreciate any positive comments to help me out. At this point, I’ve been repeatedly inquiring “how to make the site template responsive”. Please, no trashy responses; I just need some help.

Thanks so much everyone,


Kallyas WordPress Theme Documentation - Hogash Studio Dashboard there’s a list of topics down the right-hand side that has written explanations.

FYI the item is already responsive - if it’s not then this will be due to changes that have been made and this is not a topic that is likely to be covered in any documentation or help files

Thank you kindly for suggestion.


I played the demo site for the Wordpress theme I downloaded from Hogash.

The demo does not appear to be responsive either. FYI.

I’ve reached out again to the developer.

Thanks again.