KALLYAS Responsive Multi-purpose Joomla Template

I purchased “KALLYAS Responsive Multi-purpose Joomla Template” but now this tmplate don’t work with joomla 3.7.2
Who can resolve the problems?
On your site it is written that this item is no longer available.
What to do?

From what i know kallyas joomla is and of life, no updates, is out from tf. So probably will have some issues.

Did you contact hogash team for support?


Hey @Hogash, are you around to answer this one?


Support site


How I can contact hogash team for support?
I wery need help!

Is impossible to create a new support ticket on http://support.hogash.com only
on my.hogash.com/support/
but this is impossible because they don’t support this template!
Any solution?

How long ago did you buy the file?

I think the best solution is to buy other theme. If is not suported… They removed theme from at least 6 months a go.

From what i know, they have only wp now.

Based on the support I’m not likely to buy here another file

Hey @bobkin,

Sorry about this but there’s nothing much i can do, sorry. This item was removed due to my impossibility for providing Joomla support and thus shifting my focus on my single remaining WordPress theme.

While this is an unfortunate reality that some items get removed from ThemeForest by their authors, i strongly recommend not putting this and ThemeForest marketplace into the same basket.

Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully you’ll find a good and performant alternative.

PS: I’d suggest shifting to WordPress, because Joomla’s popularity is overwhelmingly smaller and solid WordPress themes will stay a lot and get new features, stability and performance updates.

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