Kalium 3.11.1 issue post-update

My support has expired but this is NOT an issue with my site so I’m hoping Kalium will respond. I can’t issue a ticket because of the expired support license.

As of this latest update, I can no longer update my full WooCommerce products list. It automatically redirects to the Kalium What’s New page. ​IT’S THE HOLIDAYS and I need to be able to see my full products list. Laborator: please patch this ASAP

Update: I really really hope this was a mistake and not a cash grab to try to force end users to renew their support. I agree it’s worth support help to deal with the intricacies of specialized site design that the end user wants. But we shouldn’t have to pay $50 to address an issue that the designers created.

Only the author is able to help you on this, try contacting them via ThemeForest ( contact form on their profile or the item page )

If the issue is common, they may have a FAQ page how to get the issue fixed.