Jvirgos Elite author. Finally got it.

I am just now remembering my first project and the email from envato saying your current project Poker on line has been approved to…No much emotions can be compared with that moment, I would never forget that day. My kids also remember me sometimes this moment cause they tought i came crazy hahaha , i never thought to reach such amazing achievement. Theres thousands of work hours and lots of nights working in silence, learning from top authors, and working in the most exciting job i could ever imagine. I want to thanks Envato, authors support, and of course all the customers who liked my jobs and made possible this elite author badge.
Special thanks to my great friend Juanmita who supported me and follow my steps along the way with the same emotion as i did


Many Congrats you deserve this :slight_smile:

Level up! Great job!

Great message jvigos. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your success! :tada:

Well done, congratulations, @jvirgos!

Wow!! :rocket:That you deserve what you have, for all the illusion put into each job, for how you transmit your dreams to others. If you are good as an author, as a person you are a super elite … I am lucky to have met you in person thanks to Envato. You’re big guy, very big !!! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with me.
A hug Master!! :wink:

Congratulations @jvirgos

Good message! Thank you! And your work is cool!