Just wondering...

Why are 90% of my soundcloud followers women? I didn’t use any profile pic, I didn’t specify my gender, none of my items particularly girly or masculine, they’re all good enough to be used in commercial production, I expected it to be like 50/50 but it’s like 10/90.

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Do they wear nothing but underwear in their profile pics, have no posted tracks, says your music is SOo good and ask if you want more followers? :wink:


Well they don’t wear nothing but underwear but it doesn’t look like they upload a ton of tracks, but again I got no profile pic or anything so…

Hello PixelLoveLLC !
Maybe the secret is in the music, you may have found the magic formula to conquer women, lol.
I would not worry, let a little time to see if a balance is displayed.


I’m not worried I’m just wondering what’s going on and if that’s happened to anyone else. If it does then maybe it says most soundcloud users are women to begin with.

Female population is more than Male that’s why i think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No it’s just because women like stock music more, because they like to feel secure! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Is that really the kind of thing to joke about tho? :confused:

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No it’s just because there’s probably no special reason. And then the jokes start. Just making fun.:grinning:

why , u are so very handsome so that u suspect because they would do because of a possible profile pict? lol kidding lol

u are right , especially in some areas of the globe by the way

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that’s a good formula then lol :wink:

yes we can and after that when we are soft rejected, we get to work more again and have to modify, re-export, re-upload, wait again and cross fingers … not worth the drive despite the eye candy … lol