Just to let someone at Envato know what's happening...

For the past month, when I want to log in, it keeps telling me that I have to try again in a different page with a red warning on the login popup window.
Click on the link, it takes you there and then after you have re enter the exact same details, it allows you in. Then when you click on the actual themeforest or codecanyon pages, it wants you to log in again. I had to login again even just to leave this post here…

It is a huge waste of time! Can this issue be fixed? I would like to:

  1. Been able to log in anywhere on Envato where on the top menu says Login (as it used to be)
  2. Not having to Login again every time I change section of the Envato site

If I’m the only one having these issues, then please disregard this post…

What is this other page you have to log in on? Are you sure this is not a phishing scam?

Hi @Burt37,

This sounds suspicious. Would you please take a screenshot of this red warning, then open a ticket with our customer support team and attach the screenshot to the ticket?

The link to create a support ticket is here:

We will investigate and get back to you.