Just reached 100 sales! :)



It took me one year. I guess that is fine. :wink:


Please,don’t stop) it’s just the begining :wink:


Congratulation @LDj_Audio_2 :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Nice work! Now 2017 will be even better :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! :wink:


Congratulations, @LDj_Audio_2! Keep it up!


Congrats @LDj_Audio_2, wish you many more sales!


Great tracks there LDj… Fantastic job and congratulations… Wishing you more success… =)


That’s beautiful! You’ve produced some high quality tracks. 100 sales is exactly my goal at the moment, deadline until the end of July. I’m sure you will do great in the future with such quality tracks.


Thanks! I appreciate that you take some time to check my tracks. I wish you the best of luck to achieve your goal! You have great cinematic tracks in your portfolio and merging them with some acoustic/folky sound really make them stand out among the other tracks in the similar genre. :wink:


Thanks for checking out my tracks. I wish you a lot of sales! :wink: