just purchased Metronic V8.1. How do I download Metrics demo 1 for asp.net?

Hi Together,

Today my company bought Metronic V8.1 at envato market. I logged successfully in. Downloaded folder “Metronic V8.1”,

I went to subfolder asp.net. Get only a html link. Then the online page asks again for login credentials, even if I obviously already logged in, because I just downloaded the Metronic V8.1 folder. Then the system does not recognises my credentials.

Tried several times. Think I never failed sop early in the process :wink:

What do I do wrong?



Contact with your purchase item author @keenthemes hope they will helped!


Hi, the one you logged in site probably was envato website. Then you have clicked a link and has been redirected to the Keenthemes site. It requires you to login to download.

ah, thanks.I will try.