Just point out 1 reason for rejection so I can be at peace

Just point out 1 reason for rejection so I can be at peace since the reviewer/reviewers rejected it in like half an hour of upload.

P.S ignore the name i forgot to change it (its supposed to be gradient)


Your designs bring nothing new creatively speaking. There are many similar wedding invitations templates and many of them are free. Selling potential is very low.


OK Thank you. At least you gave me a reason.

for me this is not the main reason for the rejection, it may have an impact slightly yes but what about other items bringing nothing new then ? lol for me there is mainly an issue with contrast and thus with readability and the problem is that these are too basic design principles indeed

Yes there are a few problems with it, such as contrast/readability like you said, but I agree with @DesignSomething, I think the main problem is that there’s nothing new with it, such as the fact that there’s not really anything that’s designed, it’s just text stacked on top of each other.

if so a lot of items are facing the same , they are not hard rejected for that matter all the same … i personally do not like these styles … minimalism is the end of the road for designers … we are meant to be replaced by machines if we go this way but a lot of them are accepted all the same so why not this one? what i try to explain is that there has to be other reasons that the ones that u both mentioned …

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For me the text it is readable enough and the fonts combination looks good. My suggestion for @Cyrah is to keep the text and do some backgrounds variations. Also if you add some graphic elements and creating this item as a kit will help allot. Customers love have options in order to customize and personalize their final product.

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i agree with most of the things u said but i am sorry for me some part of texts are not super readable … they are lacking contrast with the background and there is almost a lack of outstanding elements in the texts too … now all are free to feel their ways , this is mine … this is also underlining that no matter how much we may try , this is very hard to tell why an item has been rejected in fact , people will get as many reasons as people answering …

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Compered with what I saw around the forum when the typography looks way off in many cases in this particular case the typography looks ok. It is not perfect but in my opinion with the right background selections plus with a touch using some trompe l’oeil elements (like small flowers, leaves, grains, seeds etc or some hand drawing vector elements) will look very well.

we have the right not to feel exactly the same … :slight_smile:

I think you and DesignSomething speak the same thing here, you, n2n44 , speak for contrast with text, and DesignSomething speaks for different background, I think you spotted the scientific approach while DesignSomething doesn’t knows that lack of contrast is the case here, and thus why he said a different background would fit better! :smiley: By a “different background” I think he means the contrast, and sorry @DesignSomething if this is false!

yeah this is not far but the means to do is not necessarily the same …