Just need your advice:)

Hey guys!:slight_smile: Greetings from New Life Music:sunglasses: Today i got my second approve, here it is https://audiojungle.net/item/ambient-hiphop/17626436. It is so happy feeling! :tada::grinning:2 days ago i got hard reject to my corporate attempt. It was upset to me but i trust Envato team, so may be it was not good:) The question is in the other: should i focus on ambient music or must do another genres like corporate? Cuz i love ambient music and i can do it better than other styles (i think so:innocent:) Actually i love a lot of music styles but can i expect some project using and earnings with my ambient music? Or may be it’s necessary to do corporate music?:smiley:

Hi, @NewLifeMusic! I think, you should to do what you know how to do best. At the same time you can also improve your skills and learn how to produce corporate (or another styles) music. Why only corporate? Acoustic is also very popular here, on AJ. :slight_smile:

All the best! :wink:


Thanks for advice!)) I can’t make acoustic at all, such as epic, cinematic and so on:( I tryed but it was like shit :smile: I’t will be good to understand the process of making this kind of music but i even have no guitar:)

Try to find some lessons “how to make…”, and you’ll make different styles music later. Compare your music with some famous tracks, find the reasons why your music sounds not so good, try to fix it… :slight_smile:
And I’m sure, some of your friends has a guitar. :slight_smile:

Ok, i try, thanks!:slight_smile: But may be VSTi, cuz nobody of my friends have guitar) Also i cant play on it:smile: Play only piano a little:innocent:

Of course, VST is not a real guitar, but much better than nothing. :wink: