Just need one answer that why is such a good template got rejected?

Hello Envato Users & Moderators

I hope everyone is doing good out there… I just wanted to know that why is WebGenie PSD template got rejected? You can find the complete project and live prototype over here @ https://www.behance.net/gallery/55207243/WebGenie-Creative-MultiPurpose-PSD-Template , that was such a clean and modern design template which was also based on Bootstrap 1170px Grid System. The PSD was properly layered and grouped and even after such quality check how can it get rejected? I am seeing such low quality PSD templates from a week sadly but seeing this getting rejected gets me an need to ask just one answer to my question that why is it rejected? Also good typography is implemented, free and popular google fonts were used, proper code used in description field and then too rejected i mean how can it be? The same template i asked ui8 marketplace to review and they replied me that they are ready to sell my product over their marketplace… That’s it no more words…!! Need your views and opinions guys, please check the project by heading over to the above link and do let me know that is it really meant to be rejected…?

It’s very basic - probably too simple for PSDs.

To approve a PSD there has to be premium value i.e. enough for someone to want to buy the design and code it up rather than buying a ready made and functioning item

With respect, there is very little unique or premium about the design.

There are issues with some of the fundamentals in the typography, details, consistency etc.

You will need to extend it quite a bit and tidy up to get approved.

Although not relevant to the design, aspects of the preview image are disorientated which doesn’t put it in a great light

Plus just noticed: You will never be approved if as an exclusive author you are selling items elsewhere

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Yup just started to sell after the bad news… Also the typography and composition is not quite basic … (Removed) did approved my seller account for the same project but themeforest thinks that this is not of the quality standard, that’s depressing…! Also i am thinking to end further relations with themeforest!

That is your prerogative.

Just FYI given it was a hard rejection you seem to have got that means there is quite a bit of work needed to get it up to the standard and not a 5 min fix.

Good luck