Just Interesting(Question To Reviewers)


Approx how many tracks you review in 5 minutes?


if the track is 2,5 minutes long then they review just around 2 tracks :). if the track is 1 minute long then it is around 5 tracks.


oo are you serious?)) :scream:


With the amount of tracks and their experience, I highly doubt that they sit there and dwell over some track for hours, if in doubt they ask for another opinion, if not it’s either yay or nay.


I highly doubt they listen through every track from established authors from start to finish. Same with tracks that obviously aren’t going to make the cut from the first couple of bars. But they will spend more time on “maybe” tracks, maybe listen two or three times before making a decision.


Review 1-min track per minute (attentively, with checking preview, waveform, description and tags), 60 tracks per hour, 480 per 8-hour working day… If I stay survive after three such days then I’d say goodbye forever to any music at all. :ambulance:

Reviewers seem to me such kind of mythological monsters: just imagine: very small team of just a few people has listened to ALL AJ stuff! :scream:


Oooo… It really interesting question:))


I too would like to know)


I also wonder if they have some sort of scale rating? I.e. each track is given a number rating 1-10, which then the later 10-rated tracks can be easily filtered for picking out featured tracks of the week, etc?


I’m interested too!


I would imagine they listen to the complete track the whole way through at least once (unless it’s just really bad sounding) to determine if it meets commercial/production/composition requirements. I’d then imagine they listen at least one more time critically, looking for timing errors, off-notes, noise, clipping, ect. that might not jump out immediately, but that can lead to a rejection. I’m sure there are lots of tracks that are almost immediate rejections, and some tracks that require repeat listens. Review time likely varies widely, some tracks taking 15-seconds to review, others, many minutes.

Then of course there are those tracks that are fine from a composition/production standard, but put the reviewer on the fence in terms of the nebulous “commercial viability” factor (and vice versa.) These tracks probably take even longer, and I’d imagine that’s mostly where you see the “second opinion/further review” come into play.

Of course I’m pulling this speculation out of my butt.