Just heard one of my songs on TV!

Just heard one of my tracks while watching tv with my family in a commercial…first time for me!

Here is my track:


Wowww that’s surely a great feeling, congrats! :smile:


Very cool, congratulations!


Congrats, buddy. Great feeling, eh? I dig your track a lot, contagious riff! Is this your vocals?

Rockin’ the Garage… Ah, those were the times when people cared about creative titles :wink:

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Wow! Great! Congrats!

Great! Make sure they properly filled cue sheets so you can get PRO royalties :slight_smile: My PRO just sent me 1000$ for commercial with my track bought on AJ :slight_smile:




Wow that great. Congrats :slight_smile:

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hahahaha yeah I still need to change the title…yes my vocals work.

I know I have zero clue how to do any of that, could use some help if you want PM me, that would be awesome!


Congrats hope you collect the royalties!!!


congratz! do you have any idea who and when it was bought?

I only can imagine how great this must feels))

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It’s very cool, man!)

Man, awesome track, congrats!!! I know this feeling while watching TV you, all of a sudden, listen to your own music. Heart speeds up, goose bumps etc.

Congratulations… its a funny commercial as well. Its a good feeling, I use to do these quick and dirty national furniture ads and would only see them when visiting my parents, since I had no TV.

  1. Register in ASCAP or BMI
  2. Register your track
  3. Contact with your PRO in 2019 to make sure if they found your royalties.

Great job ! Congrats! I’m happy for you :slight_smile: