Just for share.

Today i received the notice that actor Jan Michael Vincent passed away last month. :disappointed_relieved:

I will always remember him for this movie, (i totally recommend it, it is a beautiful movie, not just for the surf stuff :wink: )
If you got two free hours of your live, watch it, it deserves your time.

And pay atention to the wonderful soundtrack from Basil Poledouris.

This is the way i feel the life, the surf life.
In loving memory, Jan.


to be honest, I never watched other of his movies but, Airwolf series was a beautiful part of my childhood, and I even still have my first remake of its soundtrack theme when I was young, good actor, R.I.P

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Hi there. Thanks for sharing this. I will watch it later.

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I also like to watch movies in my spare time of life. Thanks for sharing this activity. Its a pleasure for us.

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