Just bought Avada - nothing works

no homepage at all. footer not sticking to bottom and 404 Not found errors everywhere.
already followed How to fix 404 Not Found error in Wordpress and changed from “showing last blog posts” to static blahblahblah.

please tell me step by step how to fix all these issues because I regret buying this thing already.


As it’s the best selling theme of all time you can be safe in the knowledge it’s ok.

Have you read the documentation that covers installation? https://youtu.be/Cul5K34N2nw

Have you installed and set everything up properly - without that it will look a mess.

@ThemeFusion_Support also have outstanding support

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watched the video and can confirm yes, I did all of that exactly as shown in the video. what now?

btw it’s a fresh installation of wordpress on my debian 12 server on vultr. even when I create new pages and posts they show 404 Not found as soon as I hit publish.

Without seeing the admin it is hard to advise - as you have 6 months support your best option is to reach out to the author Support for Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce

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it gets better and better each minute -.-

There was an error while attempting to log in.

Error: The username bachamaldalan is not registered on this site. If you are unsure of your username, try your email address instead.

alr had to re register on that site omg. why make it easy when it also works the complicated way, hum?

btw this is my site: https://unityrage.com/ I literally ONLY installed Avada, registered it and activated the required plugins. how am I even able to mess that up?!

download a .zip file and install it - what can probably go wrong?

not a single wordpress theme looks the way it gets presented, and I was told that Avada is different - guess that was just a lie :frowning:

With respect it’s clear from your site that the theme has not been fully set up/demo content installed/navigation applied/footer configured etc.

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You didn’t set up your server correctly.

This should not be showing an apache error page: https://unityrage.com/test
Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled and reload apache2.

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