Just bought an After Effects project but misses the MAIN COMPOSITION

I purchased this morning this project: “videohive-Xalk5t1x-kids-singing-cartoon-pack”
Unfortunately, I guess the Main Composition of the After Effects project is not included.

Need help with that

Is supposed to be included, look at the tutorial PDF file

Have you tried to contact the author?

Maybe author re-arranged scenes. Did you try to use the search bar to look up the composition by name?

From the description, it sounds like you just get the four individual kid composition.

Four happy kids singing for your after effects proyect. Four individual compositions with transparent background so you can use your own. Every character has a 30 seconds animation.

Yes, I tried to search “MAIN COMP” or “MAIN COMPOSITION”. Aparently is not included…

I noticed that aparently is not included…
Ok, thank you anyway!