just bought a template and want to code it - is it possible?


I work for a law firm and we just bought the template named “appointment - lawsight” from Envato. We would like to know if we could do code’ additions and improve the site performance by our own means, without recourse to an external third party. Do the general conditions of use allow that ? Could anyone send me the general conditions of exploitation of that product, please; I don’t find them ?

Thank you so much !!!


yes, you can. You are free to customization the template to fulfill the requirements for your website.


Thank you! Where could I find the terms and conditions of use applying to my item, please ?

We would be reassured if the terms and conditions of use would mention that right you were talking about.

Thank you so much.


Please check this:

Am I allowed to modify the item that I purchased?

Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product.