Just a Question


I am going to upload an HTML Template on themeforest soon, However before uploading I would like to ask people like you on this forum to give me a quick review for the template but…

My question is if I post the demo link here before uploading it on themeforest, is it possible if someone can copy my work and upload it on themeforest before me? If yes, then how can I prevent it?

Thank you in advance.

if you don’t publish your preview or demo link anywhere then it is not possible to reach the demo. and I never think any author can do such type of copy work.
why are you concernig about this!

Once you’ve published it publicly then you could easily use this as evidence of it being yours - that said I really don’t think many people would do this, and if people ripping your item is a major concern then stock marketplaces (any of them) may not be the best place for you

Thank you so much for clearing my doubts. :blush: