JupiterX Adventure template PHP warning

EDIT : I fixed this by doing Raven update !

Hello everyone,

I bought Jupiterx’s adventure template, and I have this warning showing up at the top of the main page of my website (I just put the template and I did anything more for the moment)
**Warning** : Declaration of Raven\Modules\Nav_Menu\Classes\Walker_Nav_Menu::walk($elements, $max_depth) should be compatible with Walker::walk($elements, $max_depth, ...$args) in **C:\xampp\htdocs\depot\jc\capcontinents\wp-content\plugins\raven\includes\modules\nav-menu\classes\walker-nav-menu.php** on line **390**

Do you know if I can get rid of it ? We paid for this. I’m running Wordpress 5.3 locally throught a xampp Windows server.

I hope i’ll get some help here and thank you reading me, have a good day :slight_smile:

Europea Services

great! you fixed the issues by updating the concern plugin Raven. Thanks

Congrats on fixing this. I have updated everything but the php warning still there. I don’t know if it is my hosting issue or what.