Jupiter Theme wwith Wp bakery on Wordpress (Anchor and responsivity problems)

I have 2 Problems with the WP Bakery Plugin.

First I want to give a text-element specific alignment for normal and mega desktops. I found the option (please refer picture below) but WP bakery doesn t makes a differnce between normal and mega desktops. Is there another possibility to place the textelement specific for a device or is this issue caused by “faulty” WP bakery ?

Secondly I have a problem with the anchor / Section ID configuration. I integrate a anchor / section ID in a specific page section so that the menu item in the header bar is marked when you reach the page section. (please refer screenshot)

My problem is that the mark in the header bar doesn t popup for the whole section (only the half).
Can someone tell me why it doesn t popup in the headerbar for the whole section?

Thanks for your help, I hope you know what I mean.



You can get help from your purchase item author @artbees right here as a comments

Hope they will helped!