Junior developer looking for a team of developers

Hi! My name is Maxim Levikov. I’m junior front end developer based in Moscow. I’ve a lot of experience in fixing problems with sites that i supported in my offline job but i haven’t any professional project done.

My main skills:
HTML: 5+ (fully semantic mockup)
CSS: 5+ (LESS or SASS. Also i know about BEM, SMACSS and RSCSS. The last is more preferred)
Bootstrap: 4 (SASS or LESS. SASS is more preferred for me)
Responsive: 4 (mobile first is some difficult to me so i need more practice with it)
JS: 3+ (fixed many bugs on real projects and also trained many basic tasks on codewar)
jQuery: 3+ (also worked with jQuery.ajax)
WP: 4 (Good knowledge of WP theme hierarchy, many theme functions and sure can use wp codex)
PHP: 3+ (also worked with ISP manager system)
NodeJS: 3+ (gulp, grunt and yeoman scaffolding)
Git: 3+ (not sure cause worked always alone without team)

Front end is what i like and i spend a lot of my time learning web. If you interested let me know.
My skype: levikovmaxim || My email: levikovmaxim[dogka]gmail.com