Jump links not working in Chrome browser

I have the Brooklyn theme, which has jump links to the sections. I created a child theme, and now the links and menu work in Fire Fox and Microsoft Edge browsers; however, they do not work using the Chrome Browser. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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@UnitedThemes is the author of the Brooklyn Theme. You should contact them for support with the item. Here’s the support page:

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Thank you for your response. Is there a forum available for the Brooklyn theme or is this same as support? Thanks.

Kpina’s Virtual Assistant

If the author had a support forum it would be at the link I put above. Most authors don’t, and instead use ticket systems or email. All of these are for support so don’t worry :slight_smile:

This forum is for the Envato community as a whole (authors and customers) to talk about various things Envato related, so you’re better off contacting the author thru their means of support.

Hello kpina, did you solve? If soy, can you share the fix? My support ended a few weeks ago :frowning:

I have the same issue with Chrome and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Thank you!

You can still use the forum without support. (Only to read, not to post.)

For the solution please have a look at:



Hello Thorsten,

Thank you very much for the info. I’m kpina’s Virtual Assistant Rita. I’m working on trying to resolve this issue for her. I applied the steps in the link; however, it’s still not working. I replaced the two files with the two chromefix files using the hosting company’s file manager. The dates reflect that the files were replaced; however, the Chrome issue hasn’t been fixed. Since I can’t post in the forum, you’re my only contact. Thank you very much!


I can only confirm that it worked for me.

BTW I do no have support, too! :slight_smile:

Thor_a could you please copy paste the fix? I couldn’t find my purchase info.


I have purchased this theme from Envato but when I try to log in to the United Themes forum (which I just paid $50 for another license to do so) it says I don’t have access. There is no way of contacting United Themes without a log in and since it doesn’t accept my purchase key I am locked out without any help! I am having the same problem with Google Chrome. Can you either help me solve the problem or help me get access to the United help pages. I have only re-purchased the theme today and can send you any proof of purchase that you need.


Try contacting them from their profile page here and let them know you’re unable to access their support forum: https://themeforest.net/user/unitedthemes#contact