July '16 Sales

Hey fellow authors, how are July '16 Sales going on for you?

As for me, it’s the worst month in the past 14 months.

Did not have a single sale past 4 days.

Summer. Vacations… and so on ) I presume
And yes… worst month for me too :frowning:

For me too… Very bad month :frowning:

Very bad month… Sales fall when envato changed http on https :frowning:

No sale in the past 4 days, never saw that before.

Since April my sales have plummeted to less than half of what they were before - from 1 day to another … go figure! I haven’t added much recently so I was expecting this to happen at some point. I am however surprised at how quickly and how dramatically they dropped … I would have expected it to heppen bit by bit …

5 days without any sale :scream:

According to alexa, codecanyon is still going down hill

sudden drop. Low sales since past 3 days.

the trend seems to continue. it was my worse month in 2 years. half the sales from the previous july and august doesn’t look any better.