Julia theme

Hi there, I am thinking of buying the Julia theme, who has experience with this theme? and does anyone know a site that is build with this theme? I would like to see some sites that are made with this theme…thanks


You can check theme live preview (demo) from the theme details page. If you check the demo you will get an idea about the theme functionality. Also if you have any prepurchase query you can post commnets in the theme comments page and theme author will reply you.


I bought this “Julia” theme and it has not worked for 1 month - there are problems with the installation - with the new installation - and I have been waiting for my last question from the theme creator for 2 days - I can only advise against it - will probably be another one Buy theme somewhere else, as no help is expected here.

Sorry for my bad English use a translater because my English is very bad.
The page I have been trying to get Julia up and running for 1 month is:
Regards Ludwig

if theme author doing delay to reply then you can use theme Comments to post your query and let them know and ask their support.

How to contact an author:


Ich suche derzeit eine Installationsanleitung für das Theme “Julia” ich möchte es selbst einmal installieren evtl. funktioniert es dann - aber ich müsste wissen wie installiere ich das Theme JULIA