Judge me

Hi Guys
I tried to improve my designing then I started to design the theme, and sent them to ThemeForest to see if that theme has quality to sell or not.

I created a single-page portfolio and it was rejected. I know my theme does not have enough quality then please visit my design and give tips and my mistakes in this design.



Don’t get me wrong but you need to study/exercise a lot , at least for 9/12 months. With this style of the design and coding, you won’t be able to get any approval any time soon.

Simple way to say it: The authors on Envato are racing to be the best, you just learnt how to drive.

Thanks for your reply.
Do you have any suggestions, books, courses, or video series?

There’re lots of resources online, you can try but better to find a “job” as a graphic/web designer first for a while to find someone who could actually teach you before you going “freelancer” as well as to get some proper experience

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