[JS - Webdesign] Your opinion about this?


I prepare a new project for TF and I can’t decide what should I use. So I want to display something in header and other sections of the website; I’m talking about a 3D model. I’ve seen a lot of devs & designers doing this with Canvas (on Awwwards), but a few had 3D objects like created in some kind of 3D software and then imported into their website. I have this object as *.obj. Now, I can’t decide what should I do: I can use a plugin to import this model but it’s so detailed… and I can use it already rendered in PS and add images or what the hell I want on it with CSS, JS and so on, but it’s not the same experience and I can’t really make it dynamic (talking about axis here). Or, if I do that I should have a rendered version of this objects with different angles. Again, a problem with a 3D plugin is compatibility. The real question is: daf… there are people on Earth still using IE??

Thanks for your opinion!