JS delay needed in Coaching Theme

I was recently optimizing the site and while adding the JS delay, I figured the theme isn’t supporting that. The page goes blank until the first interaction when I enable that. It’s really important for optimization.

How can I get the developers help with this?

Thank you,

You can try asking the author but this is modification to the core functionality of the theme so a) it may not be possible and b) there would not be any obligation for them to fix it.

Alternatively you could hire freelance help.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve hired freelance help and this is the issue they encountered.

So if I understand correctly, you are saying that even the JS delay is hurting the theme because it cannot be optimized and loads extremely slowly, it may not be possible to fix? Or the author wouldn’t want to fix it?

If these are true, the theme will be outdated and won’t be useful anymore. It’s hard to understand…
Please clarify. Thank you!

Author has the rights to reject providing support and they are not entitled to fix the problem. Issues caused by 3rd party software are not covered by the support.

The problem is with the optimization ( plugin ) that overwrites some configuration that needs to be “triggered” before. What you can do, to find another plugin that may work or purchase the plugin you’re using ( premium ) and ask for their support to fix the issue ( contact the plugin author first before purchasing, they may not offer support as well )

Out of interest - what exactly are you trying to use this technique to do?

When you say “optimise” presumably you mean page speed etc.?

When you mention “enable” - presumably you are using a plugin to delay the JS?

There are a number of options to optimise the site which will achieve the same (potentially even better) results as forcing a delay.

If you are fixed on using JS delay then you could try using code rather than the plugin, although it sounds quite important to making the theme load so you may be better off finding a different way to achieve what you are trying to do

Yes, we are optimizing for speed.

By using JS delay, all the below-the-fold content which is not visible at the first interaction is delayed to reduce the amount of the JS code. It’s important for the site speed


What are your suggestions for speed optimization instead of JS delay?

Thank you!

It would require looking at the theme in more detail, what is happening when it loads up etc.

I am not saying it wouldn’t help or that its not right to do - just that depending on what is happening and loading on your site, it may not have a radical impact and you would still need to be looking at basics like properly minifying code, removing unnecessary demo content, using a decent host provider, etc. as well.

In some cases I’ve seen delaying JS also create issues with tracking and analytics.