Jpeg, Png vs h.264


I have noticed most artist upload jpeg or png as video. Why is that more common than h.264 ?

H264 quality doesn’t hold up very well compared to the other two and there is also a slight color shift.

Apple pro res I feel is the best of the best but not everyone has a mac to use the codec.
Jpeg is pretty much the standard after that.
PNG is pretty close to Jpeg quality but playback will be slightly slower(not by much) but it does have the ability to include an alpha channel.


Thank you for explanation. How to create video with jpeg or png video encoding? Because I can’t do it in after effects or adobe video encoder. I can only create a image sequence and not a video to be uploaded. Do other artist upload image sequence?

I can create H.264 video without problems.

You don’t select JPEG or PNG from the main dropdown, you select QuickTime and then change the codec to PNG or PhotoJPEG .