Journey to be Developer of Incredible Themes. Need help!

Hello, My name is Andre and I’m from Brazil.
Currently I try to earn a living as a freelancer, enter for a cultural reason, this lifestyle is very complicated. There were many days before there were worse days.

I have been working with WordPress since 2014, not fully but I spent a lot of time configuring and installing themes. And over time, I started to learn a little bit of php, css, html, and apis of integrations (after fucking, at least 3 or 4 notebooks, since … rsrsrs), I am a self-taught person.

And I learned a good sense of WordPress, I already did some things in magento, photoshop, I learned SEO, I am certified in Inbound Marketing by HubSpot. And now I want to learn how to develop incredible themes so I can see it in Envato.

I would like to hear from you, what kinds of skills or languages ​​are needed to develop a theme like the ones that are sold.

I read something about frameworks, but I’ve never worked with one. I also have doubts about the pictures, how this works. I would even like to spread my journey around here.

If it is of interest my portfolio is

To be approved in Themeforest you need:

To get sales:

  • Outstanding design
  • Outstanding features
  • Effective supporting for buyers

They are basic :smiley: