JOURNAL Fatal error: Allowed memory size after import 29000 items

I have 2 licence Journal, after 1 year and maybe 2-months i have problem with Fatal error: Allowed memory size after import 29000 items. I have no support with this system problem? What is that for? Everything runs correctly when i switch to default theme. That is bug with JOURNAL system cache and i dont have any support? I must buy Renew support to get help from DigitalAtelier for 6 months.$47.25 for solve it…maybe

The support is being provided by the item author but curios, what are you importing? When do you get the error message?

Have you contacted with your hosting server support. I think your hosting can assist you on this by increasing the default PHP memory limit.

Hi all, my shop run correctly maybe one year with aproc 7.000 items. Last week i been import 29.000 items of parts. And after few minutes OC goind down with memory error.

  1. i found infos about increase memory in php.ini … ok i changed limit from 256 to 1G then 1024M and more to memory_limit = 10240M, after restart server no change
  2. i consulted it with provider, i was switch system from php 7.3 to 7.4. no change, memory limit not solved problem
  3. i changed journal theme to default oc theme, and wonder, everything run without problem, 35.000 thousand parts works on OC without problems

i have 2 licence journal, both OC and upgraded journal to last ver 3.1.12, one year operations i have no problem with first shop that has maybe 3000 items and second which the problem now concerns that has in last year maybe 7k items.
And now when i have the first real problem that is evident bug, and I can’t officially ask for help because I don’t have valid support…!!!