Journal 3 installation files

Hi, I bought journal for opencart 2.x a long time ago and I installed it on a website of mine, but I didn`t use this webslite and dropped it. Now I want to use it with another site that I intend to use actively. This site will be with open cart 3.x so I downloaded the files from my acount on evanto. But inside I see admin, catalog, image, system for open cart 3.x, but no installation file lik Where is this file?


Thanks for sharing your info. Envato Market Item rules wise you are not able to use a theme in two domain each theme for each single website or domain.
while you have installed it before in one website generally it will not install any other website you have get another regular license or get in touch with that purchase theme author follow this link for contacting with that item author @DigitalAtelier at bottom link as a comments


Thank you! :slight_smile: