Joomla Theme hard rejected

Hey, I got the second hard rejection for my Joomla Template after months of work, do you have any feedback for me?

I ask myself if the design is the problem or the amount of features respectively subpages, or simply both? :slightly_smiling:

Here is the demo:

Any ideas anyone? :>

I do not like dropdowns - I got feeling that they are not finished.

If I scroll down, content show too late and for 1-2 second I see blank page …

Top menu “shopping cart icon” looks bad …

That’s for me after few seconds. Overall lack of subtlety … work on typography.

Ps. don’t use text like "blog section 1 " , "blog section 2 " , “blog section 3” … Think about Your demo as an advertise … people must see finished and beautiful product.

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Do you mean the main menu dropdown or the dropdowns for the 3 right buttons?

Thanks for your other tips!

All are good.
But I don’t like fade elements. I scroll faster than the animation is started.

I mean all top menu dropdowns - especialy “mega menu” dropdown.