Joomla template allowing form re-submission


I’m looking for a template with a built-in feature which allow a user to submit a form, admin can consequently approve or not the submission. If submission is not approved, the admin will put some notes. User will receive an email with the admin notes or inviting him to check status of submission on the site where the notes will be specified.

User will as such be invited to amend the form after considering the admin notes.


What you are describing are features that can be achieved via an extension and not an in-built functionality in the template. What I’d suggest you do is look first for a template design that you like, then search for a plugin in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) which allows the desired feature.

Yes I know, posted there before here but no luck…

Where did you post?

In the extension section

I think you need to ask in the comments section of the template you think fits your design.