Joomla Extension Image/Audio Button Hover Effects & Bottom Player


Could someone please help me find a solution for a site i’m working on
I’m using joomla 3.x and i want to create a directory like
Users can submit their own live streams (shoutcast) or other radio
But they wouldn’t have to wait to have it approved by admin

If you look at tunein they have a few blocks around the site,
Latest or most recently added streams etc.

When you hover your mouse over an image an audio button comes up
When you click on the button it loads the audio into a bottom player
If possible i’d like to learn how to add a player that doesn’t reload on page changes

Hope someone can point me in the right direction, can’t code it myself
Tried a few content sliders with code from jfiddler (record comes out of record sleeve)

Any nice extensions to achieve this?