Joint Account with my 17 yr old son

Hi folks,

Can someone (preferably an Envato employee) confirm if I am allowed to set up a JOINT ACCOUNT for my 17 yr old son and I? By next year he will be running the account, but as of right now I have to be on the account, due to the age limitation rule. I will likely become a seller myself, but much later. My son already has his content ready, now…

Can this be done?
Again, the scenario is as follows:

  1. I will set up a SEPARATE account from my current one, under a separate login/ brand. That will be a joint account that will be maintained and operated by me until he’s 18.
  2. We will sell his music titles under the respective login/brand.
  3. Once he’s 18 I switch all banking info to him and he’s operating the account by himself and I step away.

Is this something that works?
Is there any limitation that I should be aware of?
What I want to achieve is to not have to change branding and ownership on paper - i.e. there must be an authorship continuity, without having to create a new account once he’s 18. He has to establish his name/ brand now. And he has to have his brand ownership for all songs uploaded between now and when he becomes 18, next year.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback - especially if you’ve been in this situation or you’re an Envato employee/ authorized rep.


I’m guessing you’ve read this…

I’m not staff, so I can’t say for certain, but even though the article is slightly contradictory, it does seem that you can set up and operate your own account if you’re under 18, as long as long as a parent or guardian provides written confirmation that they agree to the terms and conditions of the site.

Probably best to wait for an official response, but it does seem that if you submit the confirmation at the time of account creation, you should be ok. But as I say, best to double check!

Yes, I have read that. Waiting on Envato to respond to my ticket.
Thanks for your response. I hope that you’re right.

Looks like we’re good, as SpaceStockFootage mentioned. Support has just confirmed it. Thank you!