Joining Envato Elements?

how to join envato element author? :grimacing::grimacing:


Take a look on this page hope you will find out who to become a envato element author


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Thank you for giving a response, but I have already applied for the link, but I was not invited to be an author element, do you have other tips.

thank you.

Hey @mrletters,

You can contact with @steve_lam maybe he can help you.

This thread for all of envato element author. you can reply there may you will getting help.


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thank very much…

hi @steve_lam do I not deserve to be an element writer? this is my portfolio.

I have been waiting 7 months for answer. Ok, I am selling HTML/WP, I am not a Graphic author.

And I think you will get an answer only if they decide to add you in Elements, if not, there will not be an answer (maybe I am wrong with this).

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thank you for the answers and have joined this discussion.

Hi @mrletters,

Thanks for your question! I’m not a reviewer myself, so can’t give you specific advice on your portfolio. I spoke to the Elements team though, and due to the number of people who apply for Elements, they are unable to give individual advice to authors who don’t get through the selection process.

What I can suggest, though, is to have a look at this article:
and perhaps focus on some of the ‘nice-to-haves’ as well as ‘must haves’, and then you could try applying again?

Good luck!


Thank you for your answers and have enlivened the topic of this discussion.