Join our LIVE TOUR of the Envato Office!

You’ve told us you want it!

So we’re actually going to do it!

:sparkles::sparkles: It's the first ever live tour of the Envato Melbourne HQ!:sparkles::sparkles:

Yep, you're eyeballs are working properly! This is not one of those dreams you keep on having! We're fully, totally completely, 180% dead-set serious. We are going to be taking you through Envato's Melbourne office. And boy oh boy do we have an awesome program for you!

SEE one of the coolest office buildings in the world (in our humble opinion).
MEET some of the brilliant human beings that run the business you know and love!
WATCH @DomHennequin bring you a FAMOUS FIVE live from Melbourne!


Wednesday the 24th of August at 10am (AEST) [(You can use this time converter to find out what that means for you)](


[Stream it live via our Facebook Page on Facebook Live!](

Come along and join us for what will no doubt be one of the more bizarre, wacky and fun things you do on your working week :wink:


Okay! It will be interesting :slight_smile:

Have you made a slight timezone miscalculation, or has the Denver meetup moved to the 23rd now?

A slight time zone miscalculation :smiley:

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Damn! Can’t wake up at 5:30 AM IST.

I’ll check the video later :slight_smile:

It’s not too late for other countries ? At 8:00 AM it would have been better. Just saying :confused:

I for one am really keen to check it out and will certainly be there right on time. I am always working anyways so this will be an exciting break time without leaving the desk. You guys should do these sort of events more often so that people from various parts of the world can see and feel Envato in real time… and know where/who/how their work is processed and what they are contributing to. @matthewcoxy - any idea on roughly how long this is expected to last?

after this show - if we can somewhere download video from this show, nice…

Probably 45 minutes?

Really??? Can we just download and watch it in other occasion? Since I’m not really sure that I can stream at that time…:cry:

You’ll be able to watch it later if you won’t be around, it’ll be on Facebook & I’ll post a link on the forums for anybody who’s not able to make it. :slight_smile:


Yerp totally missed it haha.

How kind you are. So much thanks @CarlJackson , gland to hear that

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I didn’t miss it.

It’s happening right now.

New feed:

Link not working??

Still not working for me. Strange. The first link worked fine.

Maybe try and scroll down a bit. It’s not the first post on the page.

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So … who really had the meeting room booked?