Jobify Apply Button Doesn't Show


I have installed jobify - Job/Resume actions widget but unsure if I need to use a specific text wording in title?

Everything else works great but can’t get the APPLY FOR JOB to work at all.

It’s worth noting that this only happens in Jobify - Extended and not plain Jobify theme.

In addition I can’t seem to get the hyphenation to switch off. I don’t like words broken as I think it looks unprofessional.

Please help.



What I can imagine is that you have to go Dashboard -> Settings and from there Select Custom option on Permalinks and it will fix your issue.


Thanks for this. What do I need to input in the custom base?

/%postname%/ should work for it

Hi thanks,

Unfortunately this isn’t the solution. It’s as if the Jobify Job/Resume Action widget isn’t working on Jobify - Extended. It works fine if I change theme to standard Jobify theme or another theme like seventeen.

Then someone can supply custom code to do it.
let me know if you need

Hello, I need help, suddenly the links I add for the usual apply button, are useless. The apply button does not exist anymore. Can anyone help?