JobCareer theme error

Once I added a custom field “Credentials” in Candidate Custom Fields, I get these errors:

Notice: Undefined variable: std in /home/1/e/ex/expn/ on line 594

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/1/e/ex/expn/ on line 1118

Please help, I am scouring documentation for answers but need some assistance. Thank you.


This is your item support with your item author @Chimpstudio

You can ask any kind of question about your purchase theme at here as a comments


I can’t even see where to post a comment. I see Search comments.

Did you login ?
see at bottom here commenting input

Yes now I logged in and I commented. Is this where all support is through? The comments page? Because I submitted a support ticket… Now I can’t see the comment I posted…

wait for their reply.