Looking for a plugin (or a theme) that will help me integrate with a WordPress website. I was only able to find this plugin Looks good but that’s way to expensive. Anyone knows about some alternatives?


There are a few options for you deepening on your skill set and the site design.

JobAdder offer a and XML feed of the job data produce by each client which is available via http post or ftp.

This can then be imported using something like “WP ALL Import” and then formatted and used in a custom post type using something like “WP Types” and some CSS.
This is not the only way, there are other methods to programaticly get the data in to Wordpress - but I thought I’d offer up what I have used in the past.

OR - easier…

They offer a Job Widget which is custom Javascript you place on a page of the site that is formatted to the design of the site and has a search function. The jobs appear as and when they are posted in the JobAdder system by the client (I believe on the hour).

The last method is by far the easiest and simplest way to do it, it just depends on what you are trying to do with the job feed data.

Tank to support JobAdder applicant tracking system support