Job Search WP Job Board Plugin

I am using the plugin Job Search Options and I was finally getting some parts to work after an update. However, when testing my website with a test user I was at first able to access a Dashboard for the account. Now it’s gone. The URL is saying false and the page says nothing found but it still logs the account in and says its successful but will not redirect to the Dashboard. It was doing it on it’s own. I tried creating another page and redirecting it to go to the dashboard for the menu but there is no shortcode for me to use to redirect. The Dashboard is it’s own menu and all I have the option to do is set the settings which I have done. I had not changed anything except where to redirect once logged in and since it messed up I reset that setting thinking it was that that made the Dashboard stop working. However, that did not fix the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact the item author for the free support if you still have active support period