Job Portal web design Price




I just want to know how much will you estimate for a ‘freelance web design’ job portal project? an estimate range price per project.



Impossible to answer without more details.

  • design or design & build?

  • what platform/CMS

  • what functionality is needed? E.g registration, subscriptions, free/paid for listings?

  • how many and what pages?

And many more…

Also the price will vary a lot dependant on where the author is from, their experience, self respect, skills


you’re right…

only design (html5, css3 animations and bootstrap, jquery)

the developer will do all the functionality behind, but the interfaces will be designed by me… it has around 20 pages.

it has job listings and posts, advanced search with different criteria, job seeker resume and profile… registration… it also maybe have review system and blog…

homepage with a slider, about us and contact us pages as well…

but everything design related not functionality wise…

and I live in the UK.

Thanks Charlie for your time.


Is it possible to send me some preview images to my email address then I can offer a price for the job?


Here’s some references as well in case you need to check:

Facebook :
Studio :
ThemeForest :
Www :




I just emailed you.


Design charges are vary depending upon how many layouts & changes are there. It may also vary depending upon skills, expertise, quality of work, turn around time and work methods. For a price share some more information with me via email at ameetbeit(at)gmail(dot)com so i can update you properly.


Hey you can take alook at my service here:

Also did a job portal design here:


Thank you everyone for your replies… but I want to know the range for a quote for a project like this. if you have any idea of the price range please let me know. thanks.


I worked on similar project last month as ui designer/developer - bootstrap and jQuery. 27 pages including website. Demo >

charged per hour . total $875


Given you are in the UK (freelance not agency)

  • if it’s just design eg no coding at all: anything between £1k and £5k

  • if you are adding the HTML and CSS then at very least £5k upward

I think these are conservative prices - If this was given to the agency we work with it would be far more than that (closer to £10k starting)