Jimmy Towel - Save Some Trees!!


i was asked by these guys to customize one of my tracks from AJ, and i have to say, i’ve been pretty obsessed with their product since. every time i go into a public bathroom, i am now dismayed to see only paper towels to dry one’s hands. anyway, i’ve pledged for 10 Jimmy Towels, and i thought i’d share the link to their kickstarter campaign here in the forum in case any of you eco-conscious folks wanna help back a project whose heart i believe is in the right place:


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hey, just bumping this up! c’mon guys, this is actually a great thing for the planet…and yes, i did grow up in seattle. :evergreen_tree:

Clever! and so simple… now I want one :slight_smile:

Music works really well with the vid, congrats! It’s great when our music is used in cool projects like this one

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That’s a good campaign. I liked the way the whole story was passed on. Beautiful location at the beginning and end. Congrats and all the very best for the campaign.
Regarding the saving trees, this has been one of the debate I had few month’s back on a discussion forum. I was talking about how our company had taken up digitizing company files by using digital imaging method, saving a lot of office space, along with resolving paper usage. Against me were some who actually said that stopping usage of paper, is not going to save the trees. I felt bad. People like you are the once who help us create a better world.

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