Jhana theme support

I bought Jhana through your website. I am registered on the yolo theme. I have several questions, but I can’t ask any questions? I jjust can see topics but can’t create a new one? Why? I need help!! I add my purchase code but it seems that I have no right???

Hello @chrisdeployer

You can contact the author via the item comment section. They will be able to assist.

Where is this section? I can not find out???your support service and also Jhana’s support service are not at all user friendly. I spent too muche time on it and not on my website !!!

This is the general forums, not the item support area. Please keep this in mind. We cannot provide support for the item on the Envato Community Forums. The forums do not provide Item Support. We are not a support service, we are simply community moderators guiding you to the right location.

If you’ve downloaded the item from Envato Elements, you are not eligible for support as can be seen in the Envato Elements Item Support Policy.

However, if you purchased the Item from ThemeForest you must post your question in the Item Comment Section of @YoloTheme’s product page (link: Discussion on Jhana - Yoga WordPress Theme | ThemeForest ) of the item. Their reply time is stated 1 business day after you’ve posted your question.

Thank you for contacting us.
For the Jhana theme, please add the ticket at this link: Jhana - YoloTheme
Scroll to the bottom, you will see the form to add the ticket.
As I see, you have added the purchase code to your account, so you will able to add the ticket on our support site.

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Ok Thanks. I get it !!