Jekyll theme was rejected

Hello authors,

My recent Jekyll theme submission was rejected.

I’ve been selling static site themes independently for many years and thought I would try Themeforest because they started the new Jamstack category.

Personally I thought the design of this theme was good but I understand that a reviewer may see it otherwise. But aside from the subjectivity of the design review I’m not sure what could be wrong functionality wise. There are limited themes in the Jekyll category, and most are very poor and old. I believe this theme is top notch in terms of Jekyll best practices, and goes above and beyond the functionality and configurability expected of a Jekyll theme.

I’m not really sure this theme was rejected, any advice would be appreciated.


Hello, design is good but super simple, and you got some front end issues + you named your project - “Project Layout 1, Project Layout 2” it makes feeling that it is unfinished you need give them real names, but I guess the real reason of rejection is - the design is super simple there is no features that helps you stand out