JAW Templates

I purchased G oodStore - WooCommerce Theme by JAW Templates but the demo download went haywire.

I tried to sign up to the forum to get support but my license code was rejected by the website. I emailed JAW via their website but no resonse.

What should I do next?

Hi @jaydeedaley,

You can post a comment in theme comment page to let the author know that you need their support:


Thanks for your reply

I would like to get support from Jaw Templates for their GoodStore - WooCommerce Theme.

My license code gets rejected when I try to register on the Jaw Forum.

I need support because the demo download has gone haywire with missing images etc.

I was hoping to build the website over the weekend.

Hi @jaydeedaley, please post your query in the theme comment page (link provided in above reply). theme author will assist you there.