Hello Envato Themes,

I’ve bee trying to reach out to Javothemes but for whatever reason, I cannot access their website. I contacted them via the the theme Listopia preview page which I’m interested in. I clicked on the Javothemes and there I sent an email to contact them with some questions before I buy the theme. I cannot find another way to contact them. Like I said their website cannot be accessed. I’m in a bit of a hurry because I need to quote a customer and I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. I contacted them a couple of days ago and still waiting on an answer. Not sure if can help somehow. Thanks

I don’t think anyone could help you if you have already tried/contact the form. You just need to wait to get a response or you can check other themes

Edit: @javothemes it looks like they are registered here, they may contact you sooner

Have you tried to post to item’s comments section?

Good idea! Thanks!